Saturday, August 15, 2009


3 opposition parties formulate joint campaign platform...!!!
Friday 14th August, 03:06 PM JST

Three opposition parties have formulated a set of joint campaign pledges for the Aug 30 general election, featuring boosting people’s disposable incomes and turning the export-oriented economy into one led by domestic demand, opposition sources said Friday.

Putting top priority on support for people’s livelihoods, the Democratic Party of Japan, the Social Democratic Party and the People’s New Party will promise not to raise the consumption tax rate from the current 5 percent for at least four years and will review the split-up of the nation’s postal services into four companies.

The main opposition DPJ plans to call on the two other parties to join a coalition if the opposition camp succeeds in driving the governing Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner, the New Komeito party, from power in the House of Representatives election.The three parties will promote their negotiations on forming a coalition based on the joint campaign platform, the sources said.In the platform, the three parties will also call for providing monthly child allowances to families with small children and building more child-care facilities to eradicate waiting lists to get into such facilities.

The parties will revive extra benefits for mother-and-child families that depend on welfare.In the social welfare field, the platform proposes abolishing the current 220 billion yen curb on the annual growth of social security costs and tackling the pension record-keeping fiasco intensively.The parties agreed to impose a ban on the dispatch of temporary workers to the manufacturing industry and establish legislation to protect temp workers.

The platform proposes enacting a law to create a consultative body of the central and local governments in order to revitalize provincial areas.It also calls for enacting a law to ban financial institutions from forcibly withdrawing loans to or from cutting back in lending to small firms, the sources said.

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