Monday, September 7, 2009

Zaid to Najib: Put your money where your mouth is!

Terence Netto
Sep 7, 094:39pm

PKR's Zaid Ibrahim invited Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to test his theory that the Pakatan Rakyat, in states they are controlling, is getting a taste of its own medicine.Zaid, in comments made to Malaysiakini, suggested that the best test for Najib's theory (aired in remarks that were widely reported in the mainstream media today) would be to call for a snap election in Perak.

"The proof of the pudding lies in the eating," retorted Zaid (left)."Let's see the Prime Minister, who engineered the BN takeover of the Perak state government last February, test the verdict of the people more than six months after taking over that state," he elaborated.

"Najib is telling Pakatan that since the boot is on the other foot, we are hobbling about from the discomfort of it all," said Zaid."Well, why doesn't he turn our discomfort into presumable misery by calling for snap elections in Perak to allow voters to rectify the mistake they made in March last year?" challenged Zaid.

Najib aired his comments about supposedly PR discomfiture in states where they rule when commenting on the controversial debate over the relocation of a Hindu temple in Section 19 to Section 23 in Shah Alam.

Real intentions behind controversy

The intended plan is embroiled in controversy because of the hoo-hah caused by a group of residents, allegedly from Section 23, who are protesting against the Selangor PR government's decision to relocate the temple. Zaid claimed that the "raucous determination of a handful of protesters has turned a minor issue into an inflamed one." "This is a classic instance of how inflammatory acts by an unrepresented few can muddy the waters and make an unreasonable outcome to a problem already difficult to resolve," opined Zaid.

He also questioned "whether the acts of a few miscreants were at the promptings of the powers that be in response to a wish expressed by Najib (right) to take over the Selangor government.""There is something contrived about their actions. It appears premeditated," said Zaid."Over time the Pakatan government will inoculate the people against these seizures, which are only possible when vested interests manipulate the gullible for ignoble ends," he remarked.

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