Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mejar Azlan GPM ditahan CIA...!!!

Written by Abd Jabber
Monday, 07 September 2009

A Malaysian was interrogated for 3 days after his arrest in Cairo. He was interrogated with what is called ‘hard interrogation tactics’ by the officers present. The Malaysian, Major Azlan Mohd Shariff was in Egyptian police custody and not in Immigration custody as reported yesterday by in an exclusive story.

From Cairo, can confirm the following on the arrest of the Malaysian member of a prominent international NGO based in Malaysia, the Global Peace Malaysia (GPM):

Major Azlan, who is a pioneer in Malaysian aid to Gaza which is controlled by the Hamas organization, was arrested on Saturday night by a group of men who said they were local police. He was arrested on suspicion of violation of his visa to Egypt he was told.

The arrest then turned into a nightmare when he was manhandled and mistreated by the police officers who were actually part of a team working with the CIA and the Mossad (Israel’s intelligentsia) in Cairo.

The interrogation of the Malaysian took place in tense condition with the local officers getting assistance from the Mossad and the CIA who had at least 1 of their officers each at the interrogation of Azlan Shariff.


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