Wednesday, April 15, 2009

KeADILan Press Statement

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(14th April 2009)

Title: BN (Najib) for ungrateful to Bidayuh Community.

Special Political Assistant to Padungan State Assemblyman Mark Murau Sumon said he is appalled by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib recent statement that to enhance racial relations and cooperation in the spirit of “One Malaysia” and towards achieving developed nation status in 2020 in the New Federal Cabinet line-up recently.

Mark said Najib was actually reverse because the fact, according to Mark All this while, the Bidayuh community has allowed BN to be the government in Malaysia yet they get unfair treatment. The 3 Mps from the Bidayuh areas are Serian Datuk Richard Riot Jaem,Mambong Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit and Mas Gading Datuk Dr Tiki lafe did not get a federal cabinet post and certainly disappointed,the Bidayuh have been sidelined Mark said adding that he strongly felt even in any government application also for they treat the community as 3rd or 4th class Bumiputra or native for example Bumiputra Bangsa lain-lain (other race’s native) total discrimination to the community.

Besides that, to them PKR is a good political platform and will always support it. The feedback from the Bidayuh community demanding the 3Mps should resign from the BN and join PKR as reflect the Bidayuh dissatisfaction. Bidayuh are feeling disbelief, frustration and hopelessness. In this respect that he (Najib) has derailed the concept of promoting one Malaysia and his priority is Ketuanan Melayu.
The concept One Malaysia could not happen if some communities, even how minority was not given the chance for equitable participation in the Business of running the country of the highes level of government of the day. The issues is to be transparent and to practice, ‘’towards Bangsa Malaysia’’ or ‘’Malaysia for Malaysian”. Najib should not cover up the matter for government because it would not solve the problem or the fact that there could be a racial imbalance in this our country.

Issued by me.

Special Political Assistant to YB.Dominique Ng.Adun for Padungan.

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