Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Japanese game show storms the world; more on the way...

A Japanese game show is taking the world by storm by becoming one of the top TV formats of recent times.

“Hole in the Wall” originally started off on Fuji Television Network in Japan, but has been sold now in more than 40 countries across. Executives lay the program’s success to its being “fun, fast and zany,” adding that the “unique” nature of many Japanese shows often makes them stand out from their European and American counterparts.

The show started off in Japan in 2006 as “Nokabe” (“Brain Wall”) and involves players contorting themselves to fit through cutouts in a large Styrofoam wall moving toward them. If the players, normally celebrities clad in silver spandex leotards, fail to make the necessary shape, they are knocked down by the wall and end up in a pool of water.

Di Malaysia...Astro, rancangan ini dipanggil "BOLOS"....!

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